Fox in the Snow is best image in photo competition

This was the second time the Balkan Green Belt photo competition funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation had been held. The overall winner was announced on Green Belt Day in the Serbian town of Kladovo.

A fox in the snow

Winning picture

© Levenete Szekeres
The winner Levente Szekeres from Serbia is awarded

Happy winner Levente Szekeres from Serbia.

© Christian Stielow/EuroNatur

There were a large number of entrants competing: a total of eight photo competitions were held in the states along the Balkan Green Belt. The winning pictures contain fascinating images of both animals and landscapes. The overall winner was picked from all the national competitions by an international jury. Their choice was Levente Szekeres and his superb picture of a fox in the snow. The 18-year old Serb was awarded the title as part of the celebrations on Green Belt Day. This photo competition is a prime example of successful cross-border collaboration along the Balkan Green Belt.

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