What happened before the click...Photographers tell their story behind a special picture. This time: the wonder of the metamorphosis

A cicada larva hangs on a stalk. The cicada is just hatching out of the larva.
© Morena Sinčić

There is nothing I love more than strolling through the forests of black pine in my Istrian homeland, camera in hand and accompanied by the summer song of the cicadas. Now and again, I catch a glimpse of the male sitting on a pine trunk, making those unmistakable sounds produced by the tymbals in its abdomen.

It was something else that caught my attention that day, though, something happening on the ground close by. I kept quite still, watching as a cicada nymph emerged from the soil and climbed up the stem of a plant. I could scarcely breathe for excitement. The nymph spends its whole life under the ground until the moment of metamorphosis. Then, one day, it emerges to complete its transformation to the imago, the final stage of its existence. And here I was, privileged to share this moment in the cicada’s life. First of all, the back of the nymph became extended, and then split open in the middle. The young, bright green cicada picked its way out of the exoskeleton. This whole process lasted about an hour, a time of extreme danger for the young insect. Finally, the cicada began to spread its wings, and as soon as they were dry, flew off to a safer place.

I was able to take several photos of the metamorphosis and felt so grateful for this unique photo opportunity. This experience once again showed me how fascinating nature is, and how important it is that we campaign for the protection of these small creatures.

Morena takes a photo of a dandelion.
© Morena Sinčić, privat

Morena Sinčić spends every possible moment of her spare time outdoors. The Croatian, who comes from Pula, is always searching for answers; it’s the reason she became a journalist. Outside in nature Morena finds answers to profound questions and is fascinated by the silent dialogues of plants, animals and the wind. Through her photographs she aims to capture these natural conversations.


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