New Record in Stork Village

The European Stork Village Pentowo in the northeast of Poland, awarded by EuroNatur in 2001, has reported a new record: this year, 27 pairs of storks started to breed, more than ever before!

Stork in the nest

This stork, too, likes to take up residence in one of the “breeding” platforms of Pentowo.

© Andrea Ribbe

Four couples have not found a breeding area but started to build new nests. The high number of storks is remarkable because Pentowo is not really a village but rather a farm comprising just four buildings. With the help of EuroNatur, amongst others, the property owners have put up breeding platforms on the trees surrounding their farm. Additionally, the farmland is extensively cultivated, so that Mr. Stork now finds optimum living conditions in Pentowo.

With the award “European Stork Villages”, the natural heritage fund EuroNatur supports positive initiatives of stork protection. Each featured village represents its home country – for example, it may have the most number of breeding pairs or a strongly increasing population of storks. The award “European Stork Village” aims to make these locations known internationally as an outstanding cultural and natural heritage and to emphasise their commitment as a good example. Last year, 9000 people visited Pentowo.

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