Offspring of rare Balkan Lynx proven in Albania

Balkan lynx

Rare photo: A camera trap in the Munella Mountains (Northern Albania) took a picture of this Balkan lynx


Urgent call for protection of last habitat

Presseinformation vom 17. Dezember 2015


Radolfzell.  Scientists managed to prove successful reproduction of the Balkan Lynx in Albania, and thus a second population of this subspecies of Eurasian Lynx. Last week a young lynx was found dead in the Munella Mountains. As there is no doubt that the animal was born in this region, we now know that these extremely rare cats are reproducing not only in Mavrovo National Park, Macedonia, but also in Albania.

However, the Munella Mountains are heavily affected by anthropogenic habitat destruction. The last forests are being cut down and burned at breathtaking speed. “The Albanian government has to respond to this and declare the Munella Mountains a protected area as one of the last habitats of the critically endangered Balkan Lynx. Destructive nature exploitation has to stop immediately”, stresses Gabriel Schwaderer, CEO of EuroNatur.

Joining forces with partner organisations in the “Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme”, EuroNatur is working intensely to save the last Balkan Lynxes and their habitats. For a long time, the Balkan Lynx has been like a phantom. According to recent population estimates there are no more than about 35 lynxes left. Habitat destruction, hunting and prey depletion have driven the cats to the brink of extinction. Successful reproduction of the Balkan Lynx has been documented in two areas only: in Mavrovo National Park, Macedonia, and now in the Munella Mountains in northern Albania.

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