Pelicans eagerly breeding on Lake Skadar

The Dalmatian Pelicans on Lake Skadar are in the midst of their breeding season. Closely packed, the large birds are sitting on their nests – in the highest numbers ever counted.

Neighborhood in a confined space

© Andrej Vizi/Natural History Museum of Montenegro

Dalmatian Pelicans are among the largest and heaviest birds in the world.

© Andrej Vizi/Natural History Museum of Montenegro

The artificial nesting platforms are crowded to overflowing. Staff of our Montenegrin partner organisation recently counted more than 100 breeding Dalmatian Pelicans. This is the more gratifying as it had not been expected after this harsh winter. In January, large parts of Lake Skadar had been covered by ice, which delayed the start of the breeding season.

The positive development of the pelican population has been substantially supported by a set of measures that EuroNatur implemented with local partner organisation, thanks to financial support by Mava foundation. A clearly recognisable protected zone surrounding the breeding area as well as frequent ranger patrols provide the quiet that is essential to these shy birds. In addition, several floating breeding platforms had been mounted over the past years, which now provide additional space for pelican parents.

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