Plans for Kalivaç dam finally shelved

Construction site at the Vjosa

Construction of the Kalivaç dam had already begun, but for years work on the dam has been at a standstill - now probably for good.

© Roland Dorozhani

Great news for the Albanian Vjosa: The Kalivaç dam, which for many years hovered like a sword of Damocles over Europe's last great wild river, will not now be built. This was decided by the administrative court in Tirana. The Turkish investor had sued the Albanian Environment Ministry over the decision, which had prohibited the construction of the hydro power plant because of a deficient environmental impact assessment. Now the court has dismissed the investor's complaint as essentially unfounded. The Albanian Ministry of Environment and the National Environment Agency were joined and supported in this trial by EuroNatur and its partner organisations RiverWatch and Eco Albania.

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