Put a stop to environmental destruction in national park!

Bulgaria’s conservationists are very concerned: the species-rich forests of the Pirin National Park are under threat from logging on a grand scale. With the support of “For the Nature in Bulgaria”, an alliance of a number of organisations, the WWF has started a petition to put a stop to these destructive plans. Please add your name to the petition!

With its majestic peaks, wildly romantic forests and crystal-clear mountain lakes, Pirin National Park is one of Bulgaria’s landscape highs. Large numbers of rare plants and species such as the brown bear are found here. Yet this unique piece of nature is threatened with ruin: a new management plan for the Pirin National Park is being considered for adoption by the Ministry for the Environment. This would allow logging to go on unhindered in the forests and the location of new skiing areas in the park in the future.  

“These plans are in breach of both Bulgarian and European conservation law and international agreements. The Pirin National Park is not only a UNESCO world heritage site but also part of Natura 2000,” says  Gabriel Schwaderer, head of the EuroNatur foundation.

With the support of “For the Nature in Bulgaria”, an alliance of a number of organisations including EuroNatur’s partner organisations Green Balkans and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF), the WWF has started a petition. This calls upon the Bulgarian  government not to adopt the new management plan and to put a complete stop to interventions in the park that will destroy the natural environment.


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