Rare, endangered, under threat – Red Lists for the Balkans

How do you draw up a Red List for a country? What criteria should be applied? How do you assess the state of different species for the Red List? Issues surrounding the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) were the topic of training for 30 staff from EuroNatur’s partner organisations at a workshop held in Veliko Gradiste, Serbia from 6 to 10 June.

Workshop participants

30 EuroNatur partners took part in the workshop.

© David Grabovac / BPSSS

Until now, little has been known about which species of birds are seriously endangered in the countries along the Adriatic migration route. “Bit by bit we’d like to fill these gaps in our knowledge, and then pass on the knowledge to our partners to draw up and maintain Regional Red Lists”, says EuroNatur project leader Dr Stefan Ferger.

One of the key aims of this workshop was to support EuroNatur’s Serbian partner organisation BPSSS in publishing the first Red List for birds in Serbia. One of the tasks those attending had to do was to draw up a list of possible birds in Serbia for inclusion on it. This gave them the opportunity to make immediate use of the knowledge they had acquired in the workshop.

This four-day practical seminar is one of a series of workshops being held as part of a project to protect migratory birds along the “Adriatic Flyway”  that is supported by the Mava foundation and EuroNatur donors.
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