Starlings are Waiting in the Wings

EuroNatur requests better protection of migratory birds


Press Release from 15 January 2010
Radolfzell.   While Germany is still covered under ice and snow, migratory birds in the Mediterranean area are already waiting in the wings to return to their breeding grounds. Species like starlings, the Grey Heron, Eurasian Woodcock or the Northern Lapwing are just waiting for milder weather in our country to start their journey home. “It is irresponsible that the bird hunting is in full swing in countries like Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania in January and February, and partly continues until March”, states Gabriel Schwaderer, Managing Director of the Natural Heritage Fund EuroNatur in Radolfzell. By the shoot, the most important wintering grounds and resting areas are devaluated and turned into death traps for our breeding birds instead.

The hunting season lasts too long and poaching is publicly tolerated. The shooting of protected species like cranes or the Ferruginous Duck is very common in the Balkans. When migratory birds are shot, they cannot take care to maintain their breeding stock. The EU directive for bird protection strictly forbids hunting while the birds return to their breeding grounds. “However, the hunters in the countries along the Eastern Adriatic Sea hazard the consequences of the loss of rare species in an irresponsible way. As long as the migratory routes are not safe, even the most extensive protection measures in the breeding grounds will be inefficient in the long term,” Schwaderer warns. EuroNatur requests, that the hunting season in all Balkan countries, too must stop on January 15th latest. This act would be a major contribution to maintain biodiversity in Europe.

Background Information:

  • Campaign „Crime Scene Adriatic Coast - Bird Hunting on the Balkans“
  • Video bird hunting in Montenegro

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