Together for nature and species conservation in Macedonia

At the 5th Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia, Gabriel Schwaderer received the Macedonian Ecological Society’s (MES) conservation award. The Macedonian organisation is specifically honouring the EuroNatur CEO’s long-standing commitment for nature conservation in Macedonia.

Gabriel Schwaderer and Slavčo Hristovski

EuroNatur CEO Gabriel Schwaderer (left) and MES president Slavčo Hristovski

© Andi Götz

EuroNatur and MES work together already since 2004. In his laudatory speech, MES president Slavčo Hristovski emphasised that the long-term cooperation with Gabriel Schwaderer and the foundation helped his organisation very much to become more and more professional and to achieve the solid financial basis it has today. MES and EuroNatur jointly campaign e.g. for new large-scale cross-border protected areas and for conserving the habitats of endangered species, such as the Balkan lynx.

Promoting nature conservation in Macedonia is among the core goals of EuroNatur. Thus, the award is for all of the Foundation’s staff members, Gabriel Schwaderer stressed in his acceptance speech.

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