Webinar on legal instruments for river protection

In order to accelerate the development of hydropower in Europe, mandatory legal procedures and environmental impact assessment requirements are often circumvented or incorrectly implemented. International law and EU environmental regulations are therefore important tools for preventing the construction of new hydropower plants.

Flyer webinar Legal instruments for river protection

In a webinar on Thursday 29 April (14:00-16:00 CEST), we will be presenting our Legal Toolkit for river protection. Together with our partners from Wetlands International Europe and ClientEarth, we invite you to attend the event where experiences will be shared and questions about taking legal action against hydropower projects will be answered. Aimed not only at river conservationists, the webinar is also relevant for conservationists from other fields who are interested in the application of law as an instrument for environmental protection.

The Legal Toolkit is intended to provide activists and civil society organisations with an overview of the legal options available for protecting rivers. It offers a simple, easily accessible overview of the most relevant EU environmental regulations and international environmental law and can be used to counter the construction of new hydropower projects in ecologically sensitive areas.

Register here for the webinar on 29 April.

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