White Storks go online

Screenshot of the homepage of the European Stork Villages.

Informative, user-friendly, visually appealing: The website of the European Stork Villages Network

The White Stork, with its intimate relationship to man, is amongst the most popular European birds. Yet these elegant long-legged birds have suffered from the industrialisation of agriculture. The initiative European Stork Villages, set up by EuroNatur, has been in existence now for 23 years and aims to counter the increasing loss of the White Stork's habitat. EuroNatur has given recognition to villages and towns all over Europe who have been exemplary in the protection of their feathered fellow inhabitants. In this way a network has developed, whose members exchange experience and knowhow at regular meetings, thereby creating even better conditions for the storks.

Specialist expertise in stork protection alone is not enough to secure the long-term survival of this popular bird and its habitat. The conservation of wet meadows and pastures can only succeed with the support of the wider public. It is important to realise that there is a general lack of awareness of the huge ecological value of wetlands across many sections of society. The recently created website www.storkvillages.net should help to raise this very awareness. It gives information in an easily accessible form on the storks and their endangered habitat. It also serves as a pool of knowledge and allows contact with the main players of the project. Why not click on the link now?

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