Wolf in Valais got shot

In the morning of 11 August, game wardens of the Swiss canton Valais have killed a male wolf on Scex in the alpine region of Montana-Varneralp. The shooting took place nine days after the responsible authorities of the canton Valais had given permission to shoot at will (EuroNatur reported).


EuroNatur supports a peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans

© Wolf Steiger

One or more wolves have brought down several sheep and two cows between late June and late July. Scientist from the University of Lausanne verified this via DNA testing. In the course of the investigation in the Varneralp region, game wardens collected indications that suggested the existence of several wolves near the affected cow herds. Thereupon, the region was closely monitored, which finally led to the shooting.

EuroNatur disapproves the approach of the Swiss canton Valais. “Shooting does not help to solve the problem on the long term”, says Annette Spangenberg, project manager of EuroNatur. “A peaceful coexistence of wolf and human is only possible if we realize appropriate precautions, for instance the use of herding dogs.” In Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, such precautions are not yet discussed, because the grey predator has not yet come back to this region. In case the wolf will come back, EuroNatur collaborates with a group of experts in order to work out a plan for effective wolf management in Baden-Württemberg.

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