Wolf protectors favourite for a prize

EuroNatur is delighted with the nomination for the Traveller 2009 Award for its Polish partner WILK. Every year, the magazine National Geographic Poland awards this prize in five different categories. WILK has been nominated in the category “Social Initiative of the Year”. With this award, the committee recognises the successful work of WILK: Their awareness training creates the required acceptance among the Polish population for a continued protection of wolves and other predators.

Wolf close-up
© Michael Röth

Since 2000, EuroNatur has supported this natural heritage fund in the successful development of protection measures.  According to WILK, the nomination alone is not only a big honour but is also already of great value for their organisation, as the public awareness of their work has already increased. Should they win this prize, this effect would certainly be boosted.  The Traveller 2009 Award ceremony will take place in April. The prize takes the form of a small statue.

Link to EuroNatur partner WILK

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