Anika Konsek

Communication Campaigns

EuroNatur employee Anika Konsek
© Kerstin Sauer

Anika Konsek loves nature and enjoys being surrounded by it on her racing bike. The connection between humankind to nature and communications has always interested her. In her Communication Studies master's thesis, she focused on the influence of different forms of communication on climate change. After graduating, Anika worked as a marketing manager for crowdinvesting at the socio-ecological GLS bank. There, she consciously perceived a positive conception of humans: Human beings do not only destroy but also restore.

This perception of humankind motivates Anika in her work at EuroNatur, where she has worked as an interface between communications and project work since August 2022. Anika makes our projects on rivers and forests visible to others and campaigns in our political arena for a more significant presence of these topics at the EU level - always to actively make the world a bit of a better place.

She says, " 'You cannot not communicate,' according to the Austrian philosopher Watzlawik. People communicate a lot with each other but often miss the point, particularly when it comes to solutions for the major global environmental crises of our times. Communication is a powerful tool. I give a voice to our rivers and forests in Europe so that they receive the appreciation they deserve, and with this, humankind and nature come together - by speaking the same language."