Annette Spangenberg

Head of Conservation

Annette Spangenberg
© Kerstin Sauer

Annette Spangenberg’s work can be described quite easily: identifying challenges and mastering them. Annette Spangenberg has been Projects Lead since 2013, and as such her role places her at the interface between the various projects and the EuroNatur organisation itself. The project partners and the Foundation don’t always share the same concerns - so it is Annette Spangenberg’s job to bring their respective requirements together, ideally reaching a consensus. At the same time, she provides advice and assistance, in particular to EuroNatur’s project leaders, working with them to develop ideas and supporting them when they are faced with difficult tasks.

And more than anything, it is Annette’s experience of around ten years as a project leader at EuroNatur that enables her to achieve this. A member of the Foundation’s team since 2002, the landscape conservationist’s focus areas were the Balkan lynxthe wolf and the Mediterranean monk seal. Annette Spangenberg has knowledge both of EuroNatur’s key subject areas and of the Balkan countries, together with their specific characteristics. “One of the reasons I enjoy working at the foundation so much is that at EuroNatur there’s no such thing as routine work and I’m able to continually develop my skills. Every day I get a lot of satisfaction from helping our partners to raise the profile of nature conservation work in their own countries - despite, and perhaps also because of, the many challenges we encounter along the way.”