Patrizia App


EuroNatur employee Patrizia App
© Kerstin Sauer

Patrizia App, born in Konstanz, works as an accountant at EuroNatur in Radolfzell, about 20 kilometres away. One might assume that she didn’t get far, but Patrizia’s path of life has been quite winding: an au pair year in Madrid, a Master’s degree in Hamburg, two semesters abroad in Tallinn and Peru, and finally Ludwigsburg.

A strong passion for numbers, formulas and digital interfaces paved Patrizia’s way into the accounting departments of various organisations. “First it was farm animals, then needy people, then fresh vegetables. Now I take care of the interests of birds, large mammals and rivers,” Patrizia says with a laugh. “It’s just a pleasure for me when the numbers add up!”

Together with Gabriela Strobel and Daniela Löchle, Patrizia App has been advancing the digitalisation of accounting processes at EuroNatur since January 2023 to help sustainably position the foundation for the future. “It is very important to me for whom and with whom I work every day. In my view, EuroNatur offers a harmonious environment to everyone in which we can make meaningful work.”