Bat roost safeguarded for the future

++ Building work on the “Old Brewery” in Frankfurt (Oder) completed ++ Hibernation roost for more than 1,200 bats ++ International conference 26th-28th October 2021 ++

Old Brewery in Frankfurt

A graffiti indicate who is living in the cellars of the “Old Brewery”.

© Horst Drewing
Visit to construction work on the bat quarter in Frankfurt/Oder

New roof and new beams: to prevent the brewery collapsing and the valuable cellar spaces being buried under rubble and stones, many building engineering techniques had to be employed in the upper floor.

© Krzysztof Gajda
Bats at hibertination

It is mainly greater mouse-eared bats (Myotis myotis) that are spending the winter in the former brewery, gathering together, mostly in large clusters.

© Krzysztof Gajda

Frankfurt (Oder), Radolfzell. The construction work on the former Ostquell Brewery in Frankfurt (Oder) has been successfully completed this summer. The “Old Brewery”, which has been in the ownership of EuroNatur since 2003, had been in a poor state of repair. The renovation work, which began in 2018, could only be carried out in the summer months so as not to disturb the hibernating bats. Recently, over 1,200 bats, mainly greater mouse-eareds, have been spending the coldest time of the year within the old walls.

Holes in the roof were repaired and new beams put in to keep the roof construction stable in the coming years. In some rooms in the maze of cellars the walls were sealed to prevent frost penetration. Whilst bats like it cool, minus temperatures can mean an abrupt death for these insect-eating mammals. “We are very happy with the construction work carried out and delighted that we have been able to preserve the former Ostquell Brewery as a bat hotel,” said EuroNatur project leader Sandra Wigger.

From 26th-28th October 2021, EuroNatur, the Association for Landscape Conservation of the Middle Oder and the Liga Ochrony Przyrody are organising an international bat conference on the theme “Protection of bat populations – threats, problems, practices, solutions”. The focus of the conference is on exchange of information about large man-made sites for bats, such as industrial buildings, churches, bunkers etc.. There will also be a discussion on the measures to be taken in the “Frankfurt (Oder) Old Brewery”. The conference will take place online. Those who are interested can register by 25th October 2021 via this link:

Background information:

  • With an area of only just 0.25 hectares, the building in the former Ostquell Brewery in the middle of Frankfurt (Oder) may be Brandenburg’s smallest nature reserve, but it is one of the most important hibernation sites for bats in Eastern Germany. The “Old Brewery” provides excellent conditions for the hibernating bats: the cellars are cool but free from frost and provide the high humidity needed by the bats. In addition, it is virtually free of any disturbance. EuroNatur has owned the former Ostquell Brewery since 2003 and it is looked after by the Association for Landscape Conservation of the Middle Oder.
  • You can already register for the international digital bat conference from 26-28 October 2021:
  • Read the fascinating report about the two bat hibernation sites, the “Old Brewery” in Frankfurt (Oder) and the Nietoperek bunker complex in Western Poland.

Further enquiries: Christian Stielow, E-Mail: christian.stielow(at), Tel.: +49 (0)7732 - 92 72 15

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