After the European elections

During the elections of the European Parliament, the far right has experienced the predicted upswing. The democratic parties must now position themselves clearly and must not ignore climate and species protection in the future.

The empty plenary chamber in the EU Parliament.

There could soon be a harsher climate for Europe's nature conservation goals: The European Parliament has moved to the right.

© Mira Bell

In the European elections, parties campaigning for climate, biodiversity and ecological transformation suffered significant losses, while the far right gained seats. It is now up to the future President of the European Commission to conclude a pact for the future of Europe with the democratic parties in the European Parliament and to successfully continue the EU Green Deal project that has already begun.

“The climate crisis and species extinction are jeopardising our livelihoods, as the climate-related floods in southern Germany and Austria have recently shown,” says Gabriel Schwaderer, Executive Director of EuroNatur. “Anyone who does too little for biodiversity and climate protection against their better judgement is wilfully putting our future and security at risk,” says Schwaderer. 

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