Exhibition about an exceptional landscape

"Crane moor" in the north of Livanjsko Polje in autumn
© Davorka Kitonic

The overall purpose of this exhibition is to sensitize the local population and visitors of the museum to the great ecological value of Livanjsko Polje, with the aim to secure long-lasting effects of the protection measures. Livanjsko Polje is the largest inundated karstic field in the world and located in the hinterland of the Croatian city of Split. Satellite pictures, paintings, photos of landscapes and animals as well as topographic and historic maps of the Livnanjsko Polje will be displayed in the museum of the Franciscan monastery as from September 25, 2008. Besides, the visitors will also be informed in detail about the uniqueness and diversity of the natural and cultural landscape that has developed in Livanjsko Polje as a result of repeated inundations. An extra room has been added to the museum for this purpose, which will be regularly dedicated to ecological issues in the future.

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