Four Bikers for the Imperial Eagle

Eastern imperial eagle
© Wolf Steiger

The aim of this action is to sensibilize both the media and the population for the need of protecting ecologically valuable landscapes in Europe, which among others are seriously threatened by intensive agriculture.
On April 23, the four former regional directors of the Dutch nature conservation organization „Natuurmonumenten“ started the tour at Naardemeer Lake, one of the oldest reserves in The Netherlands. On their way across the European continent, they came by exceptional nature treasures of Europe, ending their tour in Sakar Mountain in southeast Bulgaria. This region is characterized by its extraordinary biodiversity and is one of the last strongholds of the Imperial Eagle. This majestic bird of prey is considered extinct in many European countries.
Since its foundation, Euronatur has been promoting the transborder protection of wildlife and its habitat in Europe. Together with the Bulgarian nature conservation organization Green Balkans, Euronatur is working hard on achieving a lasting conservation of the Sakar Mountain as a valuable habitat for men and nature.

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