Proof of Young Wolves in West Poland

Joint press release of EuroNatur and IFAW (Internationaler Tierschutz-Fonds) of 24th August 2010

Radolfzell/Hamburg. Several wolf packs, living close to the German border in West Poland, gave birth to young pups. Financially supported by the IFAW (Internationaler Tierschutz-Fonds) and EuroNatur, the Polish nature protection organisation AfN (Association for Nature Wolf) proved this by their researches, which they carried through in the past weeks.

“We are very pleased by the results of this wolf monitoring –considering in particular that there were hardly any wolf packs at all in West Poland a few years ago”, Robert Kless of IFAW Germany states. This is different today: a new wolf pack settled down in Lower Silesia in the Dolno?l?skie forest, approximately 35 kilometres east of the German-Polish border. In the past years, only single wolves were noticed. The pack meanwhile consists of two to three adults and three to four young pups. Wolf protector Dr. Sabina Nowak (AfN Wolf) and her team confirmed that there are even more offsprings in two other known packs in this woodland.

Another three packs were observed further northwest of Poland: in the Rzepin forest, east of Frankfurt/Oder, in the Notecka forest, 70 kilometres east of the border and in the Drawskie forest, 80 kilometres east of Szczecin. In all of these areas, either young pups were observed or trails and photos gave evidence of their existence this summer.

As wolves in West Poland and East Germany count as a common population, this positive development is of great significance for the wolves’ future in both countries. However, even if the population of wolves in West Poland and East Germany has stabilised, it is still an isolated number. “It is therefore even more important to maintain or create new wild animal corridors which make way for wolves roaming from their habitats in East Poland to the west as the main reservoir is the immigration from East Poland”, Gabriel Schwaderer, general manager of EuroNatur, states.

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