Ulcinj Salina remains state property

For years, the issue of the ownership of the Ulcinj Salina remained unresolved. Today, the Privatisation Council in Montenegro unanimously decided to return the Ulcinj Salina to state ownership. A major hindrance to nature conservation measures at the salt pans has thus been removed.

Breeding Flamingos

Ulcinj Salina is one of the most important breeding, resting and wintering areas for birds on the Adriatic Coast.

© Mihailo Jovicević / CZIP
Salina Ulcinj unattractive

However, lack of management measures, such as a functioning pumping system, make the salina increasingly unattractive for specialised species.


The issue of ownership of the Ulcinj Salina - one of the main problems preventing effective conservation measures from being implemented in the area - has finally been resolved. EuroNatur welcomes the decision of the Privatisation Council which has confirmed the status of the salina as state property. “After more than 15 years involvement in the area, we are very pleased that the ownership issue has finally been resolved and that investors for conservation measures will hopefully no longer be deterred by the uncertain legal situation,” said EuroNatur Executive Director Gabriel Schwaderer. “This is also a huge success for our partners in Montenegro, who have been working to achieve this ruling for so long,” he added.

The Ulcinj Salina was declared a Nature Park two years ago - but since then little has happened. Due to the unresolved ownership issue in particular, the measures necessary to improve the ecological status in the salina had not been implemented. With today’s decision, Montenegro has also confirmed its intention to fulfil its obligations to the European Union. The effective protection of the Ulcinj Salina is one of the preconditions for Montenegro’s accession to the EU.

“Today’s decision is a further step forward and a victory for nature. Now it is a matter of implementing the necessary measures to revitalise the salina as a near-natural ecosystem. For this, a functioning nature park administration is needed very quickly”, said EuroNatur campaigner Janinka Lutze.

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