EuroNatur Award 2019

Bridge Occupied - River Saved

The brave women of Kruščica
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On 10 October, a delegation of the "Brave Women of Kruščica” received the EuroNatur Award 2019 in recognition of the outstanding bravery and tenacity they showed in protecting their river. For over 500 days and nights, a group of women from the village of Kruščica in Bosnia and Herzegovina occupied a bridge over the Kruščica River, thereby preventing the construction of two hydropower plants. The women also defied adverse weather conditions and violent attempts to remove them.

“I have huge admiration for the bravery and determination and for the perseverance and solidarity of this community. Their commitment to the protection of their natural resources serves as a model for other groups in the Balkans that are peacefully but resolutely fighting for the preservation of their rivers”, said EuroNatur President Christel Schroeder, explaining the choice of EuroNatur Award winner for 2019.

On the day before the award ceremony, the delegation of three women, Maida Bilal, Safija Ahmić and Medina Zukan, made a public appearance at a screening of the film “Blue Heart” in Radolfzell. At the award ceremony they received a standing ovation and were visibly moved. “We hope our fight will inspire other women and communities around the world”, said the award winners.


EuroNatur Award 2021 Address: Christel Schroeder

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