EuroNatur Award 2020

Pesticide-free zone for sustainable agriculture

EuroNatur Award 2021 to the municipality of Mals
© Kerstin Sauer

A four-strong delegation from Mals received the EuroNature Prize 2020 on 8 October, in recognition of the municipality's perseverance in the fight against agricultural poisons. Since 2014 a large number of the inhabitants of Mals have been standing up for their health and for a biodiverse agriculture – despite huge resistance from the farming lobbies, politicians and the judiciary. Representatives of the so-called “Mals Way” have often been the subject of judicial proceedings. Furthermore, the inhabitants of Mals will still have to argue in court their case for the implementation of their referendum.

In his address, EuroNatur president, Thomas Potthast, highlighted the exemplary character of the inhabitants of Mals: “As a community, the citizens of Mals have exercised their civic rights and have voted in a referendum to reject harmful pesticides and demand an agriculture which is viable for future generations. This is a genuine community decision, making Mals the focus of the debate in a fruit-growing region which uses pesticides so extensively. Furthermore, Mals creates a model for action which many other communities throughout Europe will be able to follow.”

EuroNatur Award 2020 Address Potthast

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