Theresa Schiller

Theresa Schiller – Project leader

© Kerstin Sauer
© Kerstin Sauer

The topic “Rivers and water meadows” has long been a central theme in Theresa Schiller's life. She has a diploma in geography and since 2015 she has been in charge of the EuroNatur projects for the protection of flowing waters. The regional focuses of her work include the Sava water meadows, the riverscape of Danube, Drava and Mura and also the 'Blue Heart of Europe', the widely branching network of so far near-nature and even some pristine flowing waters in the west Balkans.

While writing her diploma thesis she was already working for the European Green Belt which is a central concern of EuroNatur. There she examined the function of water meadow soils as carbon sink in the Danube Water Meadows National Park. Among other projects Theresa Schiller later worked in a University of Hohenheim international research project in China, examined human influences on the water meadow ecology of the River Tarim.

It is on walks in the country that Theresa Schiller finds recuperation and relaxation. In her own words: “The incredible variety and beauty of landscapes, animals and plants to be found on our planet have always fascinated and moved me. It is a matter close to my heart to work with others to protect these natural treasures. I feel the EuroNatur approach of working long-term with local partners on an equal footing is absolutely the right way to achieve our goals.”

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